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The story of how Vintage Capital Management, a private equity firm, “forgot” to send a letter that cost them $92.5MM makes YOUR story about what happened when you forgot the 2% organic milk sound petty and minuscule by comparison. Allow me to expound on this. You’re at...

This simple and short blog post by the folks at Correlation Ventures contains the key to venture capital returns – the hit rate. In the Correlation post, they define “hit rate” as: the percent of invested dollars generating a 10X or greater return But “hit rate” could be somethi...

In the early days of a startup, when you are running on pure adrenalin, co-founders are in constant contact. Every new development is shared completely, you are likely to be in close physical proximity, and the novelty of it all creates a glue that binds the co-founders together thereby...

As per Hindu mythology , starting today, the 16th day of the lunar period of mourning begins, which is also called "pitr paksh". The duration of pitr paksh is of 16 days, as per the Hindi lunar calendar, during which people pay homage to their dead ancestors. As per Hindu mytholo...

My friend Gordon suggested that I listen to this podcast about MRI scans as an early cancer detection tool. I found it super interesting and maybe you will too. Source:

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